8 Week Countdown


You know that you should be moving every day.!  Let me help you figure out how to move-what is best for you and hold you accountable for doing it. Having two personal trainers on board, you know we will keep you on track.  We have partnered with local fitness studios and each week we will highlight a local studio that will offer a free/discounted classes so you can find movement that inspires you.


This is what it is about, changing your lifestyle for the better! Whatever your goal- weight loss, wellness or strength. Give us 8 weeks. Let's team up and get you to the best version of you!


Your Best Body Cookbook and menu plan takes the guesswork out of buying and preparing healthy and delicious foods. Tried, tasted, and truly delicious. We are moms, we are wives and we work - we know the struggles. Working with your local nutrition specialist (as well as the resources of a Registered Dietitian) you will get the best tips, tricks and recipes to help you reach your goal.

Best Body Countdown

Registration opens 08/14/2019 and the countdown begins 09/10/2019. The Best Body Countdown is a guided 52 day journey of self discovery resulting in total wellness- both inside and out. You will have the support of two personal trainers throughout this 8 week countdown. I am running this countdown with my dear friend Diane Smith who is a mobile trainer as well. Diane has several certifications including: nutrition, TRX and Schwinn (spin). We will begin the countdown with a kickoff event that includes a consultation and survey to determine your individual goals. A weight and waist measurement,  and plank assessment. There will be a 4 week check-in and an end of countdown celebration. You will receive your tools for success. The tools you will receive include: a workbook/journal; cookbook and meal guide via a registered dietitian; a hydration bottle and meal portion plate tool; daily tips and accountability coaching through a closed Facebook group; 7 bootcamps; 3 zoom video  chats; and HIIT video clips. You will also have the opportunity to train with Diane and myself at a discounted rate if you wish. Our program begins the Tuesday after MLK day and the Tuesday after Labor day. This countdown only runs twice a year!  Don't miss the chance to become the best version of yourself!  Visit bestbodyin52.com to register which will lead you to the Grand Rapids group.