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Personal Training

I offer personalized, partner and small group training designed to help you reach your goals. 


I offer a variety of workouts ranging from balance, HIIT, strength and power, SAQ, tabata, and bootcamps tailored to your specific fitness goals.


I will keep you on track to reaching your goals via training sessions, daily tips, nutritional guidance, and smart but realistic lifestyle changes.


Read what my clients have to say

Christy Walker

"Kathleen is a well educated personal trainer with extensive knowledge about the human body. She is creative yet thoughtful in program design and pays close attention to detail.  She is passionate about what she does, but more than that, she cares deeply about her clients and seeing them accomplish their goals. As a group fitness instructor who has taken many of her classes, I can't speak highly enough about her energy and ability to challenge and motivate you!  Wherever you are in your fitness journey, Kathleen will meet you right where you are, and I have no doubt she will make it more exciting!"

Scott Raymond

"Working with Kathleen has made a big difference in my day-to-day life by allowing me to be stronger and pain free. While I have always exercised regularly including long distance running rheumatoid and osteoarthritis in addition to three knee and a hip replacement have taken their toll. Since the joint replacements, I have continued to exercise but have suffered with knee pain and a lack of flexibility.  I began training with Kathleen in February 2018 and have seen a significant change in my well-being. I no longer have knee pain. I have more flexibility than I have ever had (I was very tight even when I was running long distances). I also have significantly more core strength, stronger quads and glutes. I am able to get up from a sitting position without having to use my arms for support.  I have significantly better balance and I can stand for long periods of time without pain. All of these changes have allowed me to be more active with little to no side effects.  Prior to working with Kathleen if I were to spend the afternoon washing and waxing my car (one of my favorite summertime activities) , I would have to take frequent breaks to stretch out my knees and back. Then I would spend the remainder of the day and a portion of the next day stiff and in pain. Now I can wash and wax my car, clean out the interior of my other car and do the same to my wife's car and have no ill effects that day or the next."

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